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For the past 10 or so years, I’ve been mixing, tour managing and booking bands in Los Angeles. In 2006, I moved to Silver Lake and was fortunate enough to find a home with a backyard big enough to host house concerts…. and host concerts I did, inviting some of the best musical talent in the area to play for crowds of up to 300 people. Inevitably, some of the neighbors complained about the noise levels and I realized that I needed to take a new approach to successfully host these sorts of events.

The idea for Firepit Sessions grew out of a birthday gathering I had at my house in August, 2011, where instead of hosting a huge party, a small group of my friends ordered a Thai food feast and Travis Warren played a special “unplugged” acoustic set in my backyard. That night reminded me of time spent growing up in Maine, building big bonfires, playing music around them and eating food with friends fireside.  Finding a similar atmosphere in L.A. can be challenging! Best of all, we encountered no noise complaints, yet still experienced an incredible performance.