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From the Host

Thanks for taking a moment of your time to check out this website…


For me, Firepit Sessions is a celebration of music with friends, both old and new, and an ever-evolving passion. It’s my way of trying to give back to the Los Angeles music community from which I’ve received so many incredible opportunities and experiences. I want Firepit Sessions to be a safe haven for musicians to experiment and hone their craft, as well as provide an exciting and memorable setting for members of the audience to experience live music in a new light.


I’m beyond grateful for all the encouragement and incredible support I’ve received from my friends, and the many local businesses who have generously donated food, libations, and other services. These shows wouldn’t be the same without them and I thank them sincerely. I don’t always know everyone who shows up to these parties, but what I’m positive about is that if you end up at Firepit Sessions, you are meant to be there and I’m glad you came.



See you in the backyard soon.

- Adam

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